Creative Jobs in Connecticut


Beautiful Connecticut offers many employment opportunities for people working in creative fields. With a population of slightly over three and a half million, the Constitution State often supplies recreational and residential facilities for workers who commute to offices in surrounding cities, including into the New York and Newark areas. Additionally, Connecticut itself supports several large urban communities, including Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford and Waterbury. With literally hundreds of square miles of comfortable suburbs and rural landscapes as well, the state provides a rich diversity of opportunity for creative, talented individuals.

Recent Employment Statistics

The employment situation in Connecticut gradually improved during 2014. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the State presently maintains an unemployment rate of 6.3, slightly lower than at the beginning of the year. Additionally, as of December, 2014, workers in the state can expect to spend on average 33.8 hours gainfully employed every week, earing an average income of $960.60 every seven days.

Employment in Creative Sector Jobs

Although most types of employment positions boast some creative aspects, workers seeking a job in a specifically creative field of endeavor, such as web and graphics design, writing, photography, architectural design, or one of the performing arts, may find Connecticut an excellent location to focus their employment search. In addition to the close proximity to the New York Metropolitan area, the state maintains many home grown creative organizations that hire employees regularly.

Self employed freelance artists sometimes enjoy greater latitude than many other workers in the types of living environments they select. Residing in Connecticut may allow them to easily meet with many prospective employers in person, while developing a productive portfolio of work products to market. The costs of living in Connecticut may prove higher than in some other areas outside of the New York marketplace, however.

Types of Creative Jobs in Connecticut

Among the positions employers advertise in Connecticut, frequent recent job titles include: Internet designer, website developer, landscape architect and director of photography. Obviously, many additional creative fields of endeavor exist. It does seem interesting that a number of the available positions prefer Internet-related skills. A person seeking employment in Connecticut in a creative line of work may find that developing some level of computer proficiency enhances their ability to locate employment quickly.


Many opportunities exist for people with creative skills. Connecticut might offer an excellent location for those talents!